I am Gregory A. Small, Founder/President of NatiBoi Entertainment LLC.

I am a sports journalist who successfully helped turn LakerNation.com into a premiere fan website which drives millions in traffic, and earns exponential ad revenue for its owners. It has led to LakerNation.com forming partnerships with Fox Sports West, AM 570 Radio, and other sponsors who take advantage of the substantial amounts of hits the site receives.

I am seeking capital to launch a new sports network: The Department of Sports Enlightenment. Its launchpad project will be a basketball website, RunTheTriangle.com (RTT).

I have invested over $5,000 of my personal funds to fully incorporate NatiBoi, purchase domain names, and other operating expenses. I am seeking assistance build and launch a massive marketing campaign for RTT.

The funds will be used for the following:

WordPress.com Business 1 year subscription The RTT website will be powered by WordPress.

RTT: Logo, Identity, Website, + Social Media Design Package – The site will be designed by Jerrell Conner.

Social-Media Splash – STN Digital will launch a social-media campaign for the website.

My intent is to get the website running ASAP, then seek a bridge loan of $150,000 from potential investors to fund marketing, promotion, and operating expenses.

Please contact me for a copy of the business plan explaining what the function of The Department of Sports Enlightenment (The DOSE) and RunTheTriangle.com (RTT) will be, as well as the goals of NatiBoi Entertainment.

If interested, I will offer shares of ad and site revenue for investments that reach a certain criteria.

I ask that you please be a part of this sports journalism revolution and donate to NatiBoi Entertainment today!

Below are interviews and writing samples:

Farmar will help the Lakers get on point

Kobe motivated by Reasonable Doubt

A Lakers flash ‘Mob’ is forming

Worst Lakers Team Ever

The Lakers are facing ’99 Problems



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Gregory Small – President of NatiBoi Entertainment LLC



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